Mil Paraules

Mil Paraules is a clothing brand focused in Catalan popular culture, it was created with the aim of spreading Catalan around the globe. The identity plays with blue and green, representative colours of the Catalan landscape, sea and mountains. The idea was to design a simple but effective identity focused on typography that can spread the message efficiently.




T-shirts were made with playful typographies, all of them tailored
to the message. 



06 ferlagost_blanco06 ferlagost_blanco
07 somiartruites07 somiartruites
08 escamparlaboira_azul marino08 escamparlaboira_azul marino
09 tallarelbacalla_grisclaro09 tallarelbacalla_grisclaro
10 tocareldos_blanco10 tocareldos_blanco